Alpha Fuzion Sauna Body Pod In Goodyear AZ

Alpha Fuzion Full Body Wellness Pod

Single Session

Capsule of Youth Boot Camp – Our four-week intensive program is designed to jumpstart your health goals. The Alpha Fuzion Full Body Wellness Pod is the newest edition to our MeTime Premium Services menu. The Alpha Fuzion Pod utilizes bio-stacking, which is using two or more bio hacking technologies to create more effective and faster results.

Alpha Fuzion sessions include


FAR and NEAR Infrared

heat warms your body from within, rather than just warming the air around you. This can help improve your body’s ability to detoxify and regenerate more efficiently. People that use infrared consistently may experience improved detoxification, increased metabolism, pain relief, decreased muscle tension, reduced stress, weight loss, improved skin appearance, improved cognitive function, decreased inflammation, and improved cardiovascular health.


Chromotherapy with red, green, blue, and yellow light.

Chromotherapy is the technology of using and combining the various color spectrums that are found in natural sunlight. These colors are usually not visible to the naked eye. Each color has a unique, balancing effects, which can have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits as the body comes back into balance.

  • Red supports circulatory and nervous system functions
  • Orange stimulates mental activity and can promote a positive outlook. It can also help to activate and eliminate localized fat.
  • Yellow can help to inspire feelings of joy. It can also purify the skin, improve digestion, and strengthen the nervous system.
  • Green is associated with harmony and calm. It can help to promote restful sleep and feelings of well-being.
  • Blue promotes feelings of relaxation. It can help to relieve stress, headaches, and nervous tension. Some research has also shown that blue light can kill bacteria, which makes this a good choice for reducing acne.
  • Purple has been shown to support people with chronic pain. The violet hue can help to calm the nervous system and relax muscles.

Vibration Massage

is useful for relaxing tight muscles. It is also helpful for improving lymph circulation which can improve your ability to detoxify.

Himalayan Salt Slab

to purify the air that you breathe.



to enhance a relaxing, restorative experience.


is an oxygen concentrator that provides an uninterrupted flow of highly concentrated, oxygen enriched air.
Hydrafacial with Oxygen Infusion

This is a nourishing, gentle but effective treatment that benefits all skin types.  It can target lackluster skin with a gentle exfoliation, followed by an infusion of oxygen and botanicals that are rejuvenating and anti-aging. A therapeutic mask will follow along with Cryotherapy and Blue Led light, to tighten pores, stimulate collagen, and calm down inflammation- revealing a more youthful, luminous, and healthy glow. During this facial you will get to experience the Alfa Fuzion “biohacking capsule”  for a full body wellness and anti-aging treatment.

To learn more about our Infrared Sauna and the benefits, give us a call today or stop by! We’d love to show you around!

Alpha Fuzion
Alpha Fuzion
Alpha Fuzion
Alpha Fuzion


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