UV Tanning - We are 100% committed to providing our clients with a consistent, healthy looking tan at amazingly low prices for individual sessions or as a V.I.P. Member.  V.I.P. Level 1 package include 1 Spa Service of choice per month and unlimited tanning on all UV tanning equipment for just $33 per month.  V.I.P. Level 2 thru 4 includes up to 4 Spa Services per day depending on package choice and includes unlimited tanning.  You read that correctly, 10 rooms of fantastic, personal, private Spa & Tanning Services.  Schedule lots of "MeTime" for some massive health benefits!


“I used to get a sunburn on our annual beach vacations, not fun!  But ever since I joined as a V.I.P. Member, I tan before we go on our vacation, and I never get a sun burn any more, yeah!”


Happy Member Trisha Schnecke


Tanning is one of the best ways to get that soft, dark-skinned look in a short amount of time, but results can vary based on equipment and staff expertise.  At MeTime in Goodyear, AZ, our staff of caring, friendly Team Member’s will provide the best recommendation for your personal tanning schedule.


When tanning in a controlled, comfortable and safe environment:


   • It achieves much better, faster results

   • It’s more efficient, simple & private

   • It’s a safer way to tan rather than outside in our Arizona sun, especially in the hotter months


We have a variety of tanning equipment that can be used in standing or lying down positions.  Our staff are trained in all tanning methods. So, whether you're looking for a sunless facial or full body tan, you can trust our staff in helping you achieve a healthy natural-looking tan.


We have incredible rates and tanning packages for all budgets!



AUTOMATED MASSAGE THERAPY - At the push of a button, you’ll experience a luxury massage in a private room without the need of an attendant.


EXPERIENCE TOTAL RELAXATION WITH HYDROMASSAGE - A convenient way to enjoy the benefits of traditional massage therapy in a fraction of the time. You remain fully clothed in the privacy of your own room, and a powerful wave of heated water pressure massages the target areas of your body, providing the following benefits:


   • Helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety

   • Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains

   • Relaxation provides a feeling of well-being

   • Temporarily increases circulation where massaged

   • Helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and tension


ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR THERAPY - Being much more than a typical massage chair, our Cyber -Relax Massage therapy chair uses a 3-D Point Navi Sensor to scan your body's shape and posture, customizing your experience from over 700 different massage combinations. Sit back, relax and let the chair do all the work, while also:


   • Decreasing harmful body toxins

   • Improving blood circulation

   • Relaxing muscle tension

   • Increasing flexibility

   • Reducing Stress


SPRAY TAN - Do you need a quick tan that looks natural and is hassle-free? Are you trying to preserve your beautiful tan between visits to the beach?



Tanning is one of the best ways to get that soft, dark-skinned look in a short amount of time, but results can vary dramatically based on age of equipment and staff expertise.


"MeTime" in Goodyear, AZ can help you look good and feel great about yourself all year long with our instant tanning solutions. We're a full-service spray tanning salon that uses state-of-the-art equipment to give you the best instant tan you've ever had. MeTime spray tan consultants use a variety of instant tanning equipment.


Our salon spray tan packages are tailored to your specific needs, skin type, and more, to provide you with a custom tan that is gentle on your skin and looks totally natural. Get that sun kissed glow before you go to the beach. Visit us at MeTime in Goodyear, AZ to start tanning today!


WELLNESS AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - CALL to discover how 20 minutes of body hydration can help you burn up to 400 calories!  Losing weight isn't easy and maintaining a healthy body weight takes effort and discipline. So, if you need professional help with weight management, the team at "MeTime" is here to help. As your partner, we offer a wide range of weight management solutions.


INFRARED (IR) SAUNA - There's no better way to promote healing and wellness than with our Infrared sauna! Infrared heat technology raises the body's core temperature and aids in the detoxification process. Near, mid and far-infrared waves, a safe form of light therapy, deeply penetrates the skin up to 3 inches into the muscular tissue and ligaments. The light energy is transformed to heat energy, which soothes muscles, improves blood circulation and gives an overall sense of wellness. Melt away tension and soothe aching muscles as you rid your body of toxins. Believe in the possibilities as you sweat away calories in this infrared sauna, the ONLY full spectrum sauna.


Our IR Sauna offers six programs:


   • Cardio health

   • Detoxification

   • Weight loss

   • Relaxation

   • Pain relief

   • Skin health


More Features:


   • Built in monitor measures heart rate

   • Measures calories burned

   • 7" DVD screen

   • Near, Mid & Far Infrared heat


HYDRATING YOUR BODY FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS - Our exclusive Hydro-Derma Fusion is the first revolutionary system to provide a mix of innovative features in an environment of personal relaxation to prepare skin for other services and products, extend results, and rejuvenate your skin. It’s a harmonization of radiant heat and steam to give you beautiful looking skin when you also incorporate the other full-service spa amenities we offer.


You'll find yourself walking out of our facility feeling healthy and refreshed, looking forward to your next session!  We're available to assist you at convenient hours throughout the week. Call us today for more information about our full body hydration service and to schedule an appointment with our team.


Six LED light stations provide a rainbow of exciting color changes to enhance your session. The vibratory massage bed offers a soothing and relaxing vibration massage while the cool facial air keeps you comfortable throughout your session.


*Ask your spa consultant for other benefits and uses of the Hydro-Derma Fusion.




FACIAL REJUVENATION - If you've ever thought to enhance the beauty of your skin, our non-invasive Luminous Facial treatment may be right for you.  Additionally, it is a much safer process than expensive cosmetic surgery procedures.


Our all-inclusive beauty and wellness spa is open seven days a week. We also offer flexible payment options for your convenience. Call Today!




   • Improves the appearance of skin tone

   • Reduces the appearance of fine lines

   • Improves skin texture and clarity

   • Improves overall skin tone

   • No Recovery Time

   • Painless


RED LIGHT THERAPY - YES! Red light easily penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and brings more blood and nutrients to the area. It also stimulates vital collagen and elastin production. Collagen helps plump the skin, while elastin firms the skin. The red light is energizing and repair damaged cells, stimulating collagen and elastin and giving the skin back its youthful look.


As mentioned, red light therapy promotes the healing of the skin.  It can be used effectively for many skin problems, without medication and it’s well known that there are dangerous side effects with chemical-loaded lotions and creams.  You can utilize red light therapy for the conditions below.


   • Athlete’s foot

   • Acne Scars

   • Rosacea

   • Psoriasis

   • Eczema

   • Burns


(Warning: Do not use it if you have an active skin infection)


TEETH WHITENING - Our professional grade teeth whitening offers one of the most advanced systems available using LED light technology. It is safe, fast, and convenient and features both tooth color correction and superior teeth whitening capability.  Expect immediate results for your teeth become two to three shades whiter with just a few 20 minute sessions.

IONIC FOOT CLEANSE - Enjoy a soothing foot bath while your body is detoxifying. By alkalizing your ions, it helps release built up toxins from your body.  Within 30 minutes, the color of the water will show you the toxicity that was in your body.  You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  For additional detoxification, you can follow up with our infrared sauna after your foot detox treatment.

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