Level 5 Tanning Beds Salon in Goodyear, AZ

While the tanning industry had some negative publicity over the years, we know that didn’t come as a result of the technology, it was the result of uneducated consumers and irresponsible business owners. Tanning is actually very safe and a great alternative for people who don’t have enough exposure to sunlight or burn easily out in the sun.

Potential HealthBenefits


Improved appearance


Increased production of beta-endorphins improving a person’s mood


Increased circulation and blood pressure


Increased bone strength from vitamin D production.

Tanning Salon

in Goodyear, AZ

At MeTime Body Spa, Tanning, and More, we know how important having that perfect sun-kissed skin year round can be. We offer our members state-of-the-art level 5 tanning beds to support that well rounded glow that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you’re looking a light base or build up to that beautiful bronze tan, MeTime tanning salon offers a range of tanning treatments to keep you looking your best.
Tanning Salon Goodyear AZ


Tanning Beds

Stand Up Tanning Bed near goodyear az

At MeTime, we offer our members all Level 5 tanning beds. A stand up Elite, Platinum lay down and KBL 6800 Max 10 lay down beds utilizing only top of the line lamps and starters for a deep, quality tan that produces results in a faster, darker, and longer lasting tan and fewer sessions are needed to maintain the tan.

Premium UV Tanning

All Levels

5 level tanning Goodyear AZ

Stand Up Elite –

Level 5

Maximum 8 Minutes
KBL Laydown Tanning Bed Service Goodyear AZ

KBL 6800 Lay Down –

Level 5

Maximum 12 Minutes
Platinum Laydown Tanning Bed Service Goodyear AZ

Platinum Lay Down –

Level 5

Maximum 12 Minutes

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